Stradivari Ex Brahms



She was like a summer storm... This violin had more strength then I expected and I felt like my fingers are burning while I play. A fantastic instrument, with which I would have liked to spend some more time, but we had only one concert together. Big tone, many colors and lots of potential.


About My Violins

Rivolta (milano 1822)



One of the few violins I would have wanted to play for at least couple of years. She has the strength to fill up a concert hall and still the beautiful sound of a sunny, italian instrument. I played couple of concerts with it, one with Sofia Philharmonic and Mozart concerto in G Major and it was a real pleasure. No prima donna attitude on her sight, easy to articulate and a sound like liquid gold. Just beautiful.


Guarneri del Gesu ex Hubermann 1741



My first Guarneri del Gesu. With no experience how to deal with it, it was a real challenge to play the concerts. She needed so much more pressure and energy then the other violins I have played till then. She had a big, very strong and beautiful tone, but she won't give it without a fight... Or at least it felt like it.


Stradivari Red Diamond 1732



This violin has a velvet, very gentle sound, which almost touches your ear. She was like a queen, she knows who she is and do not like somebody telling her who she is supposed to be. Her sound was intimate to listen to and big enough to fill up a concert hall. She let people listen to her... Just like having an audience with a queen.






Bojidara Kouzmanova-Vladar


Invalidenstraße 5/7

1030 Vienna, Austria


ACM 360 Artist